“On the Cusp of An Ecological Disaster”; Gary W. Smith, April 26, 2015

“It seems we discover God in Nature but then ignore God when we are called to put Nature’s well-being before our personal agenda.” Gary W. Smith preached on April 26, Earth Sunday at Plymouth Church in Minneapolis. Listen now.

Gary W. Smith
Interim Senior Minister


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Plymouth Congregational Church is a progressive faith community grounded in the Christian tradition. We are spiritual, loving, relevant and transforming.
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One Response to “On the Cusp of An Ecological Disaster”; Gary W. Smith, April 26, 2015

  1. Joan Smiley says:

    Plymouth friends, my thoughts regarding the sermon given by Interim Senior Pastor Gary Smith
    on Plymouth’s Earth Sunday, April 26th.

    What a thoughtful, necessary message on the need to care for our environment, our earth and its people, animals (butterflies) and resources.

    This sermon encourages us to confront the deception we accept that allows us (as individuals, communities and cultures) to misuse the beauty and potential for life by our present lifestyles and societal practices. It is my prayer that we consider the challenge and harm that our resource dependent lifestyles have brought about and then engage in proactive response that results in sustainable lifestyles and honoring the richness and natural beauty of our earth.

    If we permit, the continuation of rising of CO2 levels, ocean acidification, i.e.climate change with the resulting flooding, loss of habitat, etc. we will all (and some more than others) be encountering the consequences.

    The seriousness of the consequences of Climate Change received due
    and necessary consideration by those present in the congregation because of Gary’s sermon at Earth Sunday at Plymouth. I am thankful now know that we (and so many others) have responsibility to encourage greater discussion and corrective actions. Don’t we all want to
    allow our future to be hopeful for all peoples particularly our children and generations that follow?

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