Youth Sunday, May 20: What advice do you wish…?

Proverbs 4:20-27
My children, learn from my wisdom,
and concentrate on what words I say;
Don’t let them get out of your sight,
and keep them deep in your heart.
They’ll give you life if you live by them;
they’re good for your body and soul.
Most of all, watch over your heart,
because it’s the well-spring of life.
Keep abusive language from your mouth;
keep corruption far from your lips.
Keep your eyes focused in front of you,
and always look straight ahead.
Be confident of the road you take,
but stay clear of precarious pathways.
Turn neither right nor left,
and guard your feet from evil.

It’s Youth Sunday—a celebration of our graduating seniors and the close of the church school program. A few members of the senior high class will be speaking.

What is some advice that you wish someone would have given you as you started your adult journey?

[Note: Scripture passage is from The Inclusive Bible]

Rev. Dr. Paula Northwood
Minister for Education

About PlymouthSpirit

Plymouth Congregational Church is a progressive faith community grounded in the Christian tradition. We are spiritual, loving, relevant and transforming.
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1 Response to Youth Sunday, May 20: What advice do you wish…?

  1. Resist peer pressure.

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