“Choose Life”; Paula Northwood’s meditation for May 22

We have to make choices every day, Paula Northwood preached on Youth Sunday. Let us choose life, “life as God wants it to be lived . . . an abundant life held together by God’s mercy and grace.” Listen to her meditation now.

Paula Northwood
Minister for Spiritual Formation


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“Not By What We Are Not”; Carla Bailey’s May 15 sermon

“I no longer explain who we are by who we are not,” Carla J. Bailey preached on May 15, 2016.

“I believe in God. I know that my evidence for God’s active involvement in human life is unscientific and wildly circumstantial. I know that the gospels say Jesus said some strange, exclusive and mysterious things. I know that believing in the power and efficacy of prayer will not stand up to systematic scrutiny. I know that there are Christians in the world who are praying for my personal and imminent suppression, already convinced of my eternal damnation. Whatever. . . .”

Carla J. Bailey
Senior Minister

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The Waters of Life,

“We yearn for the waters of life,” Catherine Crooks preached on Sunday May 8, 2016. We feel separation, despair, shame and sorrow, regret  . . . and yet, into the midst of all of this . . . God’s unfailing grace and fidelity to Creation is revealed to them. Listen now.

Catherine Crooks
Minister for Congregational Care

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