“Tourist or Pilgrim?” Paula Northwood, June 18, 2017

The tourist returns home the same person but a pilgrim returns home a different person because they have experienced a sacred place on a deeper level. Much more than sightseers, pilgrims seek places for renewal, for healing, enlightenment and inspiration. And the pilgrimage does not end. What is our pilgrim response to the not-guilty verdict for Jeronimo Yanez in the fatal shooting of Philando Castile? To walk with those who suffer, to listen, to drop the idolatry of whiteness. Listen now to Paula’s sermon from Sunday.

Paula Northwood, Minister for Spiritual Formation

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“The Choices We Make”; Carla J. Bailey, June 11

We are who are privileged have much to learn from those who are not. Carla recounted the engagement of women prisoners with Matthew 9:9–13. “[T]hey understood the woman, and they knew it was incredible that someone with the stature of Jesus would have allowed himself to be touched by a woman, or that he was so willing to have supper with sinners. They didn’t understand what the big deal was with tax collectors, but they sure absorbed the stunning reversal of power the story represented. They were quick to recognize how they themselves were sinners and they were slow to identify anyone outside of their particular circumstances as sinners. Would that we all would be so nonjudgmental.” Listen now to her sermon.

Carla J. Bailey, Senior Minister

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“Out of the Mess,” Carla J. Bailey, June 4

The birth of the Church in a chaotic gathering with wind and fire and speaking in the languages of many lands—it’s a counter-intuitive, countercultural and wholly unlikely beginning to the church, Carla preached on Pentecost Sunday. Yet everything we believe is impractical and demands passion and commitment and trust. Listen now to her sermon.

Carla J. Bailey, Senior Minister

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