“An Unwelcome Gift”; Jeffrey Sartain, April 24

“God has a vibrant future in store for you: wondrous, unfolding, now! Take a step. Do just one thing for your own good. Do just one thing for the good of the world. Hear that miraculous sound of one drop hitting the bottom of a bucket. It is the sound of hope! 

“A drop in the bucket that leads to life.” —
Listen to Jeffrey Sartain’s inspiring Earth Sunday sermon now. 

Jeffrey P. Sartain
Minister for Community Engagement


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What Mystics Know

That tiny red spider might think I’m God, because I’m so big, Paula Northwood mused one day as a teen. “Then something clicked . . . I needed to know more about this entity we call God.” Listen now to her sermon from Sunday, April 17.

Paula Northwood
Minister for Spiritual Formation

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“OK, Now What?” Carla J. Bailey’s April 10 sermon

Carla J. Bailey reflected on the “tenacious, transformative power of Jesus’ presence” in her sermon on April 10, 2016. Listen now.

Rev. Dr. Carla J. Bailey
Senior Minister

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