“Chaos and Cows”; Jeffrey Sartain’s sermon, May 24, 2015

“Chaos can be fertile soil for the work of God. We know that to be true through history and in our own lives. As the German pastor tried to tell her congregation, it was from the swirling chaos that God brought about the entire universe, and it is often from what feels like utter chaos that God does some wonderful creative work in our lives.” Listen to the entire Pentecost sermon by Jeffrey Sartain now.

Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Sartain


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“Water in the Desert . . .”, Gary W. Smith, May 10, 2015 sermon

“Have any of you ever gone to worship where you’re not welcome, where you’re standing alone during the service?” Gary Smith asked during Sunday’s sermon. “You peered around, . . . hoping to hear just a snippet of prayer that would connect with you: something with your name in it. Yet you concluded that no one, including the minister, was interested in you; you were standing on the outside, excluded because of your sexual orientation, your gender, your ethnicity, your skin tone or because of a myriad of other “reasons.” . . . Have you ever been to a church and been listening to Scripture—standing there outside, waiting? My hunch is that many of you here this morning can understand that feeling. . . . Here at Plymouth, there is a place for you, because we know how you feel; we’ve been there—and we’re your family.”

GarySmith.web Rev. Gary W. Smith, Interim Senior Minister


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“A Thingamabob”; Confirmation Sunday, Paula Northwood

Let us celebrate with awe and gratitude and reverence while studying, driving, working, . . .. Let us make the ordinary moments sacred, Paula Northwood, Minister for Education, said to the young people being confirmed on Sunday, May 3.

Note: In this recording, confirmand Calvin Melloh first reads the scripture. Then Rev. Dr. Paula Northwood preaches about, and to, the 2015 confirmands, who joined Plymouth Church in Minneapolis on Sunday, May 3.

Rev. Dr. Paula Northwood

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