Diversity is Our Destiny

Maybe the next emergence in religion will be an interfaith surge, Paula Northwood speculated in her sermon Sunday. Any believer in any faith may anticipate a question from God at the end of life: “Did you live your life as an expression of my love and joy?”

Paula Northwood
Minister for Spiritual Formation

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“And Not Lose Heart”; Catherine Crooks sermon, Oct. 16

“Someone’s hurting my sister, my brother . . . and it’s gone on far too long—we won’t be silent anymore!” Catherine Crooks lifted up the Oct. 10 Revival evening at Plymouth as an inspiration to strive for justice in education, health care, wages for working people and reform of the criminal justice system. Listen to her sermon now.

Catherine Crooks
Minister for Congregational Care

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“The Water in Which We Swim”; Carla Bailey’s sermon, Oct. 9

The Trail of Tears, forced resettlement of Native American nations by order of Pres. Jackson’s Indian Removal Act of 1830, is just one of the reprehensible actions that have poisened the water for too many Americans, in the past and today. Listen now to Carla’s sermon from Sunday, “The Water in Which We Swim.”

Carla J. Bailey
Senior Minister

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