“Loving: Plymouth’s Four Words,” Gary Smith’s Lenten Sermon Series

A small group of guys whom Gary met regularly on the Appalachian Trail last summer, knowing he was a minister, would confess to him that “either that they didn’t believe in God or believed in a God found in nature. . . .My hunch was that now they weren’t really sure what they believed even as they told me they didn’t really believe,” Gary W. Smith​ preached Sunday. “I’ve always thought that everyone believes in something.”

Listen to the entire March 1, 2015 sermon now:

GarySmith.web.2 Gary W. Smith, Interim Senior Minister

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Gary W. Smith on “What do you think of the new minister?”

“Now with all of these similarities, there was a real difference between John [the Baptist] and Jesus and it was this: If John’s ministry was defined by sin and judgment; Jesus’ ministry is defined by forgiveness and unconditional love,” Gary Smith preached on the first Sunday in Lent.

GarySmith.web Gary W. Smith, Interim Senior Minister

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“To Read or Not to Read: That is the Question”; Paula Northwood

“In this age of global connection, all the religions of the world need to be in dialogue about our sacred texts,” Minister for Education Paula Northwood preached on Feb. 15, 2015.


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