First Things First; sermon by Carla Bailey, Aug. 21

Radical, compassion-filled love: that’s what Christians share. “Jesus was a practitioner of ‘first things first’ ministry, and his first thing wasn’t the clear and ringing defiance of religious rigidity. That came later—after he had done the more important thing, which was caring for a suffering, pained, marginalized, largely invisible person.” Listen now to Carla’s sermon from Sunday, Aug. 21.

Carla J. Bailey
Senior Minister

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Old but Ever New: The Gift of Community; Catherine Crooks’s sermon for Aug. 14

Catherine Crooks
Minister for Congregational Care

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Take Heart! Jeffrey Sartain’s sermon for Aug. 7

Adults should never have to un-learn anything they learned in church school, the late minister Elaine Marsh said. And yet, Jeffrey Sartain preached on Sunday, gremlins of the Christian faith can sneak into our lives. What does it mean to fear God?

Jeffrey Sartain
Minister for Community Engagement

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