“Into the Wilderness”; Jeffrey Sartain, July 16, 2017

Only you can know what wilderness is yours to explore,” Jeff preached on Sunday. “But I can give you this map to help you discover it. It is close by; it makes you feel afraid; and it holds the potential open your world if you dare cross the border. That’s your swamp.” Listen now!

Jeffrey Sartain, Minister for Community Engagement


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“Gaining Access”; Beth A. Faeth, July 9, 2017

Beth preached on God’s call to action in Isaiah, to dismantle the barriers to food and shelter, to community and inclusion, to hope and purpose—then the light will break forth and the people will live like a watered garden.

Beth A. Faeth, Transitional Minister for Congregational Care


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“Adulting in America”; Carla J. Bailey, July 2, 2017

“So, what constitutes spiritual, emotional, religious adulthood?” Carla preached. “Is it an ability to grasp seemingly contrasting truths and holding them both as valid, as Karl Barth wrote? Is it an ability to see context as significant as results? Is it to have pared down one’s needs, so as to finally understand that wants are not the same as needs? Is it to be selfless in one’s generosity? Is it relinquishment of stridency? Is it the willingness to confess? Is it such a total commitment to the well-being of another so as to lose one’s fear of death? Is it to understand that I, as an individual, am never as important as we, a community?” Listen now to her sermon.

Carla J. Bailey, Senior Minister

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