“Forget What?” Beth A. Faeth, Sept. 17, 2017

“Ultimately forgiveness is letting go of the need for answers, the search for truth, even of the accountability of another for which we so desperately seek,” Beth preached on Sunday. “The practice of forgiveness replaces ‘the need to know,’ because the search for answers never given only leads us on a path of hardness and tight, hot rage. The choice to forgive leads us instead to new understandings—about God, ourselves and the other as well as realizing love in original and profound ways.”

Beth A. Faeth
Transitional Minister for Congregational Care


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“Keep It Simple”; Jeffrey Sartain, Sept. 10, 2017

Jeff preached on Plymouth’s theme for the year ahead: “160 years of daring spiritual community transforming the world with love . . .. Now more than ever.”

“We are not naïve about this theme. It is a very bold statement. But what else can we be in these days if not a daring spiritual community? It is what this church as always been. Why come together if not to make a difference in the lives of those who most need us? Why worship the God who calls us to justice if we want only to remain comfortable? Why sing praise to God who walked the human path, and struggled world-weary, and was at home with the world’s lost and littlest and least if we are not going to bravely bind up our wounds, whatever they might be, and walk together in all God’s ways?” Listen now.

Jeffrey P. Sartain,
Minister for Community Engagement




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“The Work of Our Hands”; Paula Northwood, Sept. 3, 2017

“Your hands were made to make God’s love visible,” Paula preached on Sunday of Labor Day weekend. If we have erred with our hands, God forgives us. And we have so much good to do in the world and with each other—to do the work of justice, healing, helping and loving. Listen now.

Paula Northwood, Minister for Spiritual Formation

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