“Burning Coals? Really??” Jim Gertmenian’s sermon from Sept. 14

In calling Christians to high–impossible–standards, Paul himself has a lapse, wanting enemies to receive good while feel burning coals. Yet these standards call us to spiritual striving is healthy for the soul, preached Jim Gertmenian on Sept. 14. Listen now!

James Gertmenian, Senior Minister

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“A Problem with Pronouns”: Jim Gertmenian’s sermon, Sept. 7, 2014

In the presence of God, the differences between people and among peoples become insignificant….that “we-ness” becomes one of the greatest gifts of God….”thin,” divisive religions base a false community on judgments…. Our job at Plymouth and churches like ours is to show hope to the world, that we are moving toward peace.

James Gertmenian, Senior Minister

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“We’ve Got a Problem”; Paula Northwood’s sermon, Aug. 31, 2014

By growing in knowledge (read Race and The Cosmos by Barbara Holmes) and increasing in ardor and activism, we can address racism in this country

Paula Northwood
Minister for Education

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