“Coming Up Short”; Jeffrey Sartain’s sermon, Oct. 26

“Acts of generosity draw goodness and blessing toward us. When we give, we receive blessings far greater than what we have given. I’m not preaching a ‘prosperity gospel’ that says you will get back, literally, more money that you give away. What I’m saying is that giving of our treasure in a disciplined, ongoing and extravagant way like Zacchaeus prepares us to receive profound spiritual blessings that otherwise might pass us by.”

From Jeffrey Sartain’s sermon, preached on Oct. 26, 2014.

sartain_jeffrey-ml-forweb Jeffrey Sartain, Executive Minister


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“Christian Faith as a Spiritual Uprising”; guest preacher Brian McLaren

The book of Acts describes the revolution of the early church spreading from the margins to the center of the Roman Empire–and resonates with our spiritual lives today. Guest Brian McLaren, author and activist, preached powerfully on Oct. 19, 2014.

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Forgetting but not Forgotten: sermon from Oct. 12

We may forget but we are not forgotten—Jim Gertmenian preached on dementia on Oct. 12.

James Gertmenian, Senior Minister

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